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          Ảnh cho bài đăng trên 6 lý do tại sao quy trình làm việc lại quan trọng đối với doanh nghiệp của bạn

          6 lý do tại sao quy trình làm việc lại quan trọng đối với doanh nghiệp của bạn

          Workflows can help streamline and automate repeatable business tasks, minimizing room for errors and increasing overall efficiency.

          This, in turn, dramatically improves your business. Managers can make quicker, smarter decisions and employees are empowered to collaborate in a more productive and agile way.


          However, developing a workflow in your business is no small feat. It can often be incredibly challenging, as it requires that you can see the big picture while simultaneously paying attention to the hundreds of small details that go into it.

          Important note

          You're probably wondering who we are. Tallyfy is a product that simplifies and automates your business processes. It's the secret to running smooth operations. Instead of creating process diagrams (which nobody looks at), documentation (which you can only read and never action), emails, chats and chaos - you can create and run any process in your company .

          Settling for basic and cheap project or task management tools is the biggest mistake you can ever make. You get what you pay for. If you try to save a cent - you will lose a dollar. Wasted time (at $40/hour) is far more expensive than the cost of software. There's a huge difference between process management and project or task management. Processes relieve stress, make things predictable - and help you grow and become efficient. Projects and tasks are just ad-hoc, unpredictable chaos.

          It's important to understand that context before you carry on reading. Successful people are smart enough to fundamentally  the way they work "right now" and amaze themselves and everyone else with new ideas. You can stop fighting uphill battles every day immediately - and drive more personal success in your career by introducing the  of creating, tracking and even enjoying tasks with your coworkers.

          Anyway ... sorry for the interruption! Let's resume the rest of the article.

          But as a business owner, you must develop strategies for how you can help your business grow and stand out in a competitive marketplace. Workflow automation is just that — a strategy to help you improve the efficiency, overall revenue, and day-to-day operations of your business.


          6 Reasons Why Workflow is Important

          Other than the structure and order workflows create in your business, there are several other benefits that come with it:

          More Insight into Business Processes

          Mapping out your processes in a workflow allows you to get a more clear, top-level view of your business. Even if you have a well-established set of business processes, do you really know if they are delivering you results? Are the processes as good as they could be?

          One of the biggest reasons why workflow is important is because it gives you greater insight into your processes. From then on, you can use the said insights to better your workflows, and improve the bottom-line of your business: get more profits.

            Want to learn how to create process map? Check out our step-by-step guide to business process mapping.

          Identifying Redundancies

          In many businesses, there are tons of unnecessary and redundant tasks that take place daily. Once you have more insight into your processes, you can determine what activities are truly necessary.

          Side note

          Are you interested in truly useful analysis of the latest trends in business tech and ops? Talking from the Trenches is published once every 2 weeks by Tallyfy and it's unmissable. You'll be smarter and better informed automatically. So - don't leave this page without subscribing to it.

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